Christmas Food, Fashion, and Fun {at The Oracle - Reading, Berkshire}

It’s dark out and it’s not even dinner time. It happens every year and every year no one is happy  about this change in light and dark. However, there is something to be said about all the lights, festive or street lights or a combination of both that gives this time of year a sense of wonder. Like you’re in a slightly different world or on a movie set.

Last week I ventured into town after dark for a night of shopping and drinks! We, myself and a small group of other local bloggers, met at Browns Restaurant for drinks (Prosecco) and canapés. We were able to try one of their sharing platters that is called Taste of Browns and comes with chicken lollipops, smoked haddock croquettes, prawn cocktail, asparagus soldiers, and pulled pork & pig cheek rillettes - along with a selection of dips!

I have been to Browns for dinner before and it was good, I would like to book myself in for their Afternoon Tea and I might have to visit them on a Thursday night for their Lobster Night or their Champagne and Lobster Brunch. I like lobster! (Check your local location.)

The Riverside has a variety of restaurants: wide range of food variations and cost. A perfect place to rest after a day/night of shopping!

We were then taken to Top Shop to check out the currant fashion trends! Some party wear and some classic winter wear! The colors this season are precious gem colors. Like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, which a lot of people look good in no matter their skin tones.

I asked about shoes and jackets because they are usually an over sight for me. I get all ready to go out in my new outfit and I don’t have shoes nor a jacket that suits! I was informed that leather and a classic bomber jacket are perfect for going out! And one can never go wrong with a comfortable pair of black boots!

Last, but not least, we stopped in a newer shop to the Oracle KIKO. After the sales ladies shared with us their new Christmas line we were free to look around and try out some of the products!

I have a small wishlist:  I really like the Twin Stars Nail polish and Lipstick set in Lavish Beige and the Moon Dust Face Powder. The limited edition perfumes were light and refreshing as well, think I will be making another trip in there, I mean someone has to fill my stocking right? I did treat myself on the night with the Double Glam Eyeliner (112-Black/Butter) and I do love it.

One of the very nice ladies showed me one way to use the eyeliner (top picture below) She made it look so easy they are like just do this and then do that wah-la you’re ready to go! Perhaps I should apply for a job there so I can learn how to do it like they do! Although I don't think I did such a bad job myself (bottom picture below), I was going for a Christmas lunch so it's not quite the same.

It was a good night out and gave me a few ideas for Christmas presents… not just for myself! The Oracle is open daily 9:30AM-8PM Monday-Friday 9AM-7PM Saturday and 11AM-5PM on Sunday.

Need a refuel after shopping? If you’re looking for a snack I recommend Auntie Anne’s for a preztel, a cookie from Ben’s Cookies, or a frozen yogurt from Snog! Or if you’re just thirsty I love the Strawberry Dream smoothie from Fuel juice bar!

I do need to try this Bad Brownie place I saw on the lower level as well as the Manhattan Coffee Club on the upper level. Looks like I will be venturing out after dark again very soon!

notes: I was invited to the event and compensated for my time by the Oracle’s PR agency, all opinions are my own: for further information please see my contact/policy page (tab found above).

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  1. It was such a good night! I've always wanted to do an Afternoon tea so if you need company I wouldn't mind tagging along :)


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