Auntie Anne's Pretzels!

Auntie Anne's have arrived in Reading!!
The Oracle has been looking a little more American every time I go there!
They just opened an Ambercrombie and Finch too!

Auntie Anne's was pretty popular last Saturday when we went and had to settle for a cinnamon pretzel. It was good, but we were hoping for a savory pepperoni one!
It's funny as I was just thinking of big soft doughy pretzel's the other day. Maybe I have some weird mystic physic powers? I do have a theory that I can control the weather.

That's a story for another place and time! But if I do have some weird power I wonder if I ask nicely they will bring me a local Cold Stone Creamery?

FYI for my fellow Americans living in England Mission is a great place to get a burritto!!

Note: Both Pictures are from the world wide web I do not own them.


  1. I had a closer look they aren't actual Cold Stone's but are similar!!

  2. Man, you just totally made me miss Reading! Mission used to be our fave place to eat out! I love Mexican! and I'm jealous to hear they have opened an Abercrombie and an Auntie Anne's - those pretzels are the best! now if you told me they were opening up an In-N-Out I'd seriously have to consider moving back!!


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