Monthly Milestones! with Ex-Pat Bride

This is the first time I've participated in Monthly Milestones. I decided to do it this time as I actually have a few things I achieved this month that I felt like sharing!

on baking:
I made an awesome birthday cake for my husbands 30th! (see previous post)
I made a very yummy cinnamon loaf. I still need to make proper cinnamon rolls. Not sure why I've put it off!
I made some really fun Cherry Cola Cupcakes for Cupcake week! Along with some super fun mini Chai Tea Cupcakes!

I bought one new bakery book!

on blogging:
I posted one more post then I did last month and have gotten close to a 3000 views! If you like my blog please follow it!! I get excited every time I see that a new person as joined up as a follower.
I started a Facebook page to go along with my blog.
I've started work on a logo.....which I may revel this week. Although I'm not promising anything! It's in the works. I can't help but want to play around with my layout and background. I'm loving the red, but not 100% sold on it. Any opinions?? Please leave a comment!

on life: 
I joined Slimming World and in 3 weeks have lost 9lbs! Lets hope I haven't put half of it back on after this weekend of birthday food!! 2 words Blackout Cake. Yum.
Mini-Baker started preschool again and it has me thinking about what I'm going to do when she is in full time school (next September!) and Baby-Baker is in pre-school. School hours aren't the best to work with. I guess it depends on if I want a career (yes please) or if I just want to work to work (not that bad if just looking for a little extra cash and social interaction). It's at least a year away, but I can't stop thinking about it.
It's just short of a few days, but it's been a whole year since I was home to see my family and I'm feeling homesick. I used to think homesickness was just when you missed your actual home. Like when you were on vacation and just wanted to sleep in your own bed again. It's not really like that and it's sort of hard to put into words. It's not a particular place or person that I miss, but a feeling of the familiar, belonging, certain smells, the comfort of having my family close by..... I hope to visit in the spring!

10 goals for next month:
1. 22 posts for the month of October
2. 20 followers
3. Bakery Tour
4. I've been wanting to bake a cheesecake
5. Make a carrot cake for a reader!
6. Test out coconut cupcake recipes for a friend!
7. Make my bookshelf heavier.  
8. Make some fun spooky treats for Halloween like this and this.
9. Dress my kids up this year. Any costume ideas for a 3 and 1 1/2 year old?
10. Have a new blog logo! :0) Fingers crossed!

Visit if you'd like to join!


  1. yay! thanks for joining! I didn't see your link on there, but I've heard from other people as well that it can be quite tempermental. It should show up right away. But I added the link on there for you, so you're good to go!

    I'm so excited your blog is taking off, I mean who wouldn't like looking at beautiful baked treats?!

    Congrats on the 9lbs! That's incredible for 3 weeks!!!!! Looks like we may be looking for jobs around the same time. I'd like to find a career too, but I may have to settle for a money earning 9-5s or even something part time while I look for something more permanent. We have to save lots of money to either get a new place or do lots of renovations! Not to mention we have to eat a bit, haha.

    I know how you feel about the home sickness. I felt that way when I was there for a year, but I can imagine it is much worse when you've been there for so long. But you know, I was actually more homesick when I was at my university in FL (5 hour drive from home) than I was in London. Maybe it's cause I knew I had Chris.

    Not sure I ever told you but you actually helped me a lot whenever I was feeling homesick. I always thought it was great to connect with someone that understood where I was coming from culturally and had been through a lot of the same things I was going through then. Not to mention finally finding someone with a proper sense of humor!! So thanks for that :) I hope you get to see your family soon. You should get them to come visit you. I told my mom that she needs to start saving now because when I have a baby she NEEDS to be there.

  2. Money and jobs are just a pain ;0) the homesickness comes and goes. My family and life are with Craig and the girls. The hard part is not knowing when I'll see my parents and sisters and their families again. It makes more sense for me to visit them, for less money i get to see everyone!
    I'm looking forward to having you here too! I need someone on my side when it comes to America vs. England debates like what a daddy long legs is! ;0)


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