The Beginning

My obsession with bakery books actually started with cookbooks.
A couple of my first ever cookbooks were, Rachel Ray’s 30-Minute Meals, still a favorite.

Betty Crocker’s: everything you need to know how to cook and Vegetable Love by Barbara Kafka.

I even picked up A Cook’s Tour of Scotland by Sue Lawrence because my husband’s Scottish and I thought it would be very clever of me to make Scottish food.

I’ve never learned how to make a single thing from this book, but I have learned that I have a thing for Scottish men. Didn’t know it, but not only is my husband Scottish, but so are my three boy-friends.

Ewan McGregor, James McAvoy and Jared Butler.

My obsession went to a new level when I started reading Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver. My cookbook collection is way bigger then my baking book collection, but the gap is closing! On my other blog, Pages of the Mind, I posted about my book signing with Nigella. That was an experience and I made a new friend! Hi Himmi! :0)
I love reading cookbooks and as I once said to my sister it’s because they are like spell/potion books you mix stuff together and you get something amazing. I’m waiting for the perfect cookbook I can’t live without. Annabel Karmel’s Fussy Eaters’ Recipe Book is very close.

So, many of our family favorites come from this book, but I might have to write my own book some day.
If I want it to be perfect for me, it might be the only way.
Do you like cookbooks? If so what’s your favorite one?
 Please tell me I love hearing of titles I’ve not yet heard of!!

note: None of the above mentioned men, Ewan, James, or Jared, are actually my boyfriends. Not only are they not my boyfriends, but I've never met any of them. Shame really. ;0)

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