Flour by Joanne Chang (a book review)

Flour: A Baker’s Collection of Spectacular Recipes by Joanne Chang

My cousin, who lives in Boston, introduced me to this book after she had her copy signed. I asked her ages ago if it was worth getting and she told me that she would highly recommend it and that it was a joy to read. So, why I put off getting myself a copy is beyond me! This book has so many fun recipes I can’t wait to try! Homemade oreos and poptarts are just a few to start with. The pie section is the other area I was impressed with and with my new pie tin I received for Christmas I’m going to be a pie making machine!
Joanne Chang has a wealth of knowledge, having worked and studied under different pastry chefs, that she shares with all of us in this book. Some of the recipes may seem daunting at first, but the way she explains each one I think beginners would be just fine using this book. I would recommend it anyone interested in baking.
Some reviewers on amazon complained of the timings being off. I’ll be able to review the recipes better once I’ve made something! I enjoyed reading this book all the way through and that’s what I wanted to say for now!!
To see my cousin’s book signing go here and visit her blog she's made some fun stuff!!
If you live in or around Boston you have to go to Flour and tell me all about it!!!

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  1. I go to Flour every chance I get - their baked goods are fantastic but I'd kill for the curried tuns salad sandwich! (and thanks for the link up)


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