Linky Post: A Baker's Dozen

rose from our garden
A few of the blogs I read do linky posts on Fridays. I am an Internet junkie and thought I'd share some of the stuff I find online with all of you. Not sure I'll be doing one every week, but here and there when I find stuff I want to share!!
  1. I want to make this cake!! Maybe not the exact same cake, but a version of it!
  2. I stumbled across this site (site removed 1.2.2016) and have become obsessed with getting a copy of her out of print book!
  3. Because of this movie I have always wanted to own a candy store and/or factory!
  4. Would love to take this e-course.
  5. I want this camera. I don't ask much! 
  6. Would love to go here again or here for the first time!!
  7. This day course (link removed) would be a great way for me to get back in to a print studio!
  8. These danishes look delicious and easy to make!!
  9. I love her work. I'm distantly related to her as well!!
  10. These nails are so cute! I wonder if I could do them myself? (link removed 2017)
  11. I need to buy a subscription to this magazine.
  12. I watch these fabulous bakers on Channel Four every Wednesday! Also want their book that goes along with their show!! (of course I do!)
  13. This pastry shop will be opening a branch in Reading soon!!
Reading Riverside
Hope you enjoyed being lead around the Internet by me for a day!!

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