My ABC of important things

Susannah Conway's blog is one I have been reading for well over a year now and one I not only enjoy to read, but one I respect and admire. She asked her readers what they would include in their ABC list of important things. Here are mine!

A is for Art: What is art? It’s a time old question; my reply would be that art is everything. Life without art wouldn’t be worth living!

B is for Baking: Duh! My newest art form comes as brownies, cakes, cookies, pies etc… (see: C, I, and P)

C is for Cakes and Cookies and Comfort and Celebration: I love creating things and creating edible things is even better. Cakes and Cookies are my Comfort food (see: S) on a bad day, but I also use Cakes and Cookies to Celebrate many different occasions!! 

D is for Daughters: Mini-Baker and Baby-Baker (not a baby for too much longer) are everything to me. Once you have kids there is no going back, unconditional love is something words cannot explain.

E is for Expatriate: "An expatriate (in abbreviated form, expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person's upbringing. The word comes from the Latin terms ex ("out of") and patria ("country, fatherland")." I am an American who has lived in the United Kingdom for almost 7 years now. It’s been an experience!

F is for Fun: Fun Fun Fun!! Life is short have fun while you can!

G is for Grape: More specifically for Grape flavoured candy/sweets. In a pack of Skittles/Starbursts/other fruit chewy candy/sweets in the UK is blackcurrant (blech!) I want grape!! :0) Anyone who wants to bring or send me American Skittles or Starbursts would be my friend forever!  
Emma and Mr. Knightly from the 2009 TV adaption
H is for Husband: My very own Mr. Knightly (Jane Austen’s Emma) I sometimes wonder if I should refer to him as Edward Ferrars because I tend to relate to Elinor Dashwood best of all Jane’s characters. But I tend to think of our relationship more like Emma’s and Mr. Knightly’s. Anyway I feel lucky to have married my best friend and cannot imagine life without him. I need him to help me eat everything I bake!!

I is for Ice cream: When I was younger I never particularly liked ice cream. Then I went to San Francisco to stay with my Aunt and Uncle, where we had Ice cream for dinner at least 2 nights out of my 9 nights there! (see: V)

J is for Janet & Stacy: My sisters. One older, one younger. No one will ever know me better then these two lovely women!

K is for Knitting: Something I still have yet to master! My resolution is to knit  4 of these before Christmas!! Considering I don’t know how to read a pattern doesn’t matter!!

L is for Logic: My logical approach to life plays havoc with my emotional side. I tend to come across as very contradictory. Makes life interesting I guess!

M is for My Little Pony: I rush to pick Mini-Baker up from pre-school so I can get back to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I am a big geek and I don’t care who knows it!

N is for Nigella: Even if I wouldn’t cook half of what’s in her cookbooks, I admire her for being a “real” women in the media. Not too many people get away with it. Recently The Daily Mail were giving her crap for losing weight because she has always said size doesn’t matter. She’s right it doesn’t. If she has lost weight that’s her choice and I still like reading and watching her! (see: S)

I met Nigella at a book signing for Kitchen in 2010!
O is for Obsession: I have lot’s of them!! Nothing too crazy, I just get a little carried away when I decide I like or enjoy something. (see: A, B, C, I, M, R, and this post and this one)

P is for Pies: I made an awesome Coconut Cream Pie once. Not a lot of experience there. Like Knitting it’s something I want to try and master! Master Pie Maker, a title I’d like to add to my resume/CV!!

Q is for Quiet: Not something I get a lot of these days with 2 kids, but then in the same turn my life has slowed down since we made the decision to have me stay at home with them. I would say we live a relatively quiet life. 

my baking books

R is for Reading: Reading as in books, not where I live! :0) I love books of all kinds!! Check out my bookshelf tab at the top and my other blog that I write with my sisters! (See J)

S is for Slimming World: I have never been a skinny minny, but after having babies it went from bad to worse. I have been a member since September! Had a little gain over Christmas, but getting back on track in the new year! I would recommend Slimming World to anyone as it’s an easy way to change your life style eating foods you like!

T is for Text vs Talking: Text is good for quick messages. Messages that inform the recipient of your where abouts or if you have a non-urgent question. It is however the most annoying form of communication as I much rather Talk to the person. It’s a shame that in a world full of amazing ways to communicate we are losing the one that matters most.

U is for United: United States of America, United Kingdom, United Cakedom. All three play an important role in my life. Where I’m from, where I live, and where I spend most of my time!!

V is for Vanilla: Love it!! It tastes good on it's own and it pairs with so many other flavours beautifully how could you not like it??

W is for Waffles: I miss my Dad's Waffles. I've not found a proper waffle maker here in the UK. I must have another look for one!! Waffles are good.

X is for miXer: My mother-in-law gave me her Kenwood Chef miXer this past Christmas. It’s so nice to make icings with! Makes baking easier!!

Y is for Yummy: My goal this year is to make as many Yummy things as possible to share with everyone!! I would love to see what you make too! (see: contact tab)

Z is for Zodiac: I am a believer. I’m not saying I use it to guide my life! I mean my husband is a Libra and I’m a Taurus a very bad match!! We have things in common, but nothing to sustain a relationship according to everything I’ve ever read on the topic. We’ve been married for 7 years in April!! But I do think I fit the profile of a Taurus and my Chinese Zodiac, The Pig.

resources: skittles picture came from here; vanilla picture from here; kenwood mixer picture from here; zodiac pics come from here and here. Links removed due to them being unavailable.
note: I am only a slimming world member and am not getting paid to advertise it is my own thougts and opinion! 

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