Slo-Mo Cupcakes!! Judge Dredd {World Book Night}

World Book Night has finally arrived!! 

World Book Night is a celebration of books and reading that sees 20,000 volunteers (that's me!) give specially chosen and printed books to spread a passion for reading in their communities. 

This year I am giving Judge Dredd: The Dark Judges by John Wagner! It's the first time a graphic novel has been chosen as a title to giveaway! I'm very excited that I was chosen to give it out this year! Here's a synopsis: 

They came from Deadworld – twisted, ungodly versions of Judges with enough power to destroy the world! 

Led by the cadaverous super-fiend Judge Death, Judges Fear, Fire & Mortis share a chilling ethos – as only the living can break the law, all life is a crime! 

The fearsome foursome are intent on bringing their brand of justice to Mega-City One. Only Judge Dredd and Psi-Division’s finest telepath Cassandra Anderson can stop them from committing a Mega-City massacre!

So, to celebrate I made Judge Dredd inspired cupcakes! If you have seen the movie, released last year, you will know that Slo-Mo is the name of the narcotic featured in the film. The only high you'll get from these cupcakes is a sugar high! Or well a caffeine high as well! At least these aren't going to get you in trouble with the Judges.

the inside of the cupcakes

The cupcakes are made of espresso, chocolate, and caramel cake and caramel and espresso buttercream frosting. For all three I used recipes from The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days, I just halved each of the recipes. Then I layered them in the cupcake cases and swirled the frosting! 

What is better then reading and eating cupcakes?? That is a trick question, there is nothing better then a book and a cupcake! Happy World Book Night!! 

notes: World Book Night - Judge Dredd: The Dark Judges; Judge Dredd 2012; adapted from Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days.

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