A Failed Attempt at Macarons

Macarons are a bit tricky. I have only tried them once before, before I knew what they were really. I thought they were like whoopie pies so I baked them in my whoopie pie tin...yeah that was a big mistake. I've linked that post below.

This wasn't a baking mistake. This was a I ran into the store in a hurry grabbed what I thought was gel food coloring, but it wasn't it was just in a package that looks like the food gel coloring that I had bought before type of mistake.

So, when I opened it up and realized it wasn't the right type of coloring I thought well I could leave them plan or try it out. So, I tried it out. They were very grey and I didn't want to risk adding too much more coloring in and making them taste horrible. A gel or paste coloring is a must to get a bright bold color.

I guess I lied a little it was a baking mistake as well as they stuck to the paper. In the instructions it says to lift them up and if they peel away they are done. I pulled them out after more then the allocated time as they were starting to color on the top. I didn't bother with the filling. Oh and one last thing I added the color at the wrong time. But on the plus side I did get the "feet" around the edge on most of them!

It's hard because I always feel a bit annoyed when things don't turn out as I wanted. It's just the amount of time and effort I put in I expect it to pay off. It has paid off as a lesson, but not in a stunning delicious treat! Think I would have preferred a treat, but at this point I don't have a choice.

I'm not bitter. Maybe a little. I'll get over it by the time this post is actually posted. I'm writing this the night before. If I had waited to write it this morning it'd probably be a completely different post. I'd probably be more positive.

As they are still edible once scraped off the paper, I think I'll just go eat some now.

Will need to try these again another day. I won't be beaten!

notes: chocolate macaroons baked in a whoopie pie tin


  1. I have been through a similar macaron journey! I found then so tricky I gave up on them for a while but then decided I wouldn't be beaten by them. When I tried a different recipe and they worked first time, I wondered what all the fuss had been about.

    You'll get it next time!

    Vicky xx

    1. I might have to try another recipe and get a different frame of mind! One that isn't daunted by them! Thank you for the encouragement!

  2. My first attempt at macarons were a complete and utter disaster (tasted good though), I overmixed the batter when adding colouring even though I used pastes and it ended up too runny so I ended up with multi coloured splats on the baking paper! It looks like yours weren't too far off though as you managed to get the feet, that in itself is cause to have a mini celebration :)

    I tried a different recipe for my second attempt using the Italian meringue method and this seemed to produce a much more stable batter. I'd recommend giving that a go next time.

    1. I will have to have a look at the Italian way! And thank you for helping me celebrate the positives!

  3. I am terrified of macarons! You are brave to attempt them. I bet the next batch will be perfect.

    1. I hope so! Going to buy the right food coloring, sugar fair was suggested on twitter, and attempt these again!


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