Flour Focaccia & Sweet Potato w/Thai Curry & Coconut Soup

This time last week I posted a book review for flour, too and today I'm sharing with you what I made from it so far!

I made focaccia, the bread that makes all the flour sandwiches great! I don't think mine would pass the test though. I might have pulled them out a little too early and they were all smooshed together so came out all sorts of shapes, but I'm happy with them. So, I think that's all that matters.

To go along with the sandwiches I made Sweet Potato with Thai Curry and Coconut Soup. Do to schedule upheavals I didn't eat the bread with the soup. But the soup was delicious!! I love a good soup and this is a good one! I know I'll be making this one again, but not before I try a few more from this book! 

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