Fluffy Puff Puffs: Gourmet Marshmallows {review}

Fluffy Puff Puffs are an online company that makes gourmet marshmallows. 

They want to show the world that marshmallows are versatile and make a great sweet treat for any occasion.

They offer a variety of flavors ranging from their best seller Key Lime & Ginger Pie Mallow, White or Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Drizzle Mallows, Sugar & Spice, Salted Caramel, Love Current, Lemon or Lime Punch, Toasted Coconut, Cookies & Cream… the list goes on and the possibilities are endless! 

They are made without preservatives and are gluten free. Please check the official site for more information on what and how the mallows are made!

Recently Fluffy Puff Puffs sent me a selection of marshmallows to try out. Here are the flavors I received:

Sugar & Spice
A vanilla marshmallow covered in sugar and warming spices like cinnamon.
It had a nice balance of flavors and a nice crunch with the coating.

Raspberry & White Chocolate Drizzle
A raspberry flavored mallow w/a white chocolate drizzle
This was probably my favorite. It had a strong lovely raspberry flavor. 

Love Currant
A blackcurrant flavored mallow.
My least favorite, but only because I don't like blackcurrants. The flavor was good and my girls liked it! 

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Drizzle
A vanilla marshmallow with a white chocolate peanut butter drizzle.
I was a little disappointed with this one. I thought the mallow was going to be peanut butter, but the only peanut butter taste I got was in the drizzle. I am a huge peanut butter fan so, would have liked a stronger peanut butter taste, but that's just me! The vanilla mallow was good though!

Lime Punch
A lime flavored mallow
It tasted like lime and that's what counts! 

Lemon Punch
A lemon flavored mallow.
A great citrus flavor and very refreshing!

Key Lime & Ginger Pie
A key lime flavored mallow on top of a ginger biscuit crust.
This one was very good! I can see why it's a best seller! The lime flavor is mellow enough (not quite as strong as the Lime Punch) to compliment the ginger base nicely! 

Next time you’re throwing a party or in need of a special gift or if you’re just a marshmallow fan and want to try out some fun flavors check out the official Fluffy Puff Puffs site! (website no longer available 2017)

A big thank you to Louise for giving me the opportunity to try out these lovely gourmet marshmallows! 


  1. I think the lime and ginger would be my favourite Lisa - these all look amazing tho!

  2. Everyone has such different opinions about the flavours in our mallows, but one thing is certain. Key lime pie mallow is definitely the most liked! Thank you so much for your time & review. xxx

  3. Adorable. I didn't even realise you could make marshmallows in different flavours!


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