Best of The Great British Bake Off! {Clandestine Cake Club}

This month's theme for Reading's Clandestine Cake Club was the Best of the Great British Bake Off! It was open to cakes from the show, contestants, presenters, and so on. 

I have Edd Kimbar's first book, both of Jo Wheatley's, and John Whaite's new book plus a couple of the GBBO books that accompany the show. 

In this case having too much choice was a bad thing. I couldn't decide on anything! In the end I went with a cake from Edd's The Boy Who Bakes, the Orange and Passion Fruit Cake: 

This is all that was left, but I am not complaining! I love going to cake club! However because we are all trying to eat as much cake as possible we only take very thin and little slices and I always end up with a lot of cake left over. Again not something I would normally complain about, but I tend to make cakes for cake club for me. I mean I tend to pick flavors and cakes I would like and I usually think of my family first. Therefore I want the cake to go because it would end up being me eating the rest of the cake! 

Here are the cakes from last night! I do apologize for the lighting, I really do need to invest in a better camera! 

Orange & Passion Fruit Cake: Edd Kimbar

Toffee Apple Cake: GBBO Showstoppers

Chocolate: Mary Berry

Raspberry Ripple Cake: Edd Kimbar

Mocha Cake: Mary Berry

Battenberg: GBBO book

All the cakes were amazing! We really do have a talented bunch of bakers! I am looking forward to next month meet up! We were talking Halloween themed which is fine by me as it's my favorite holiday! 

notes: Find a Clandestine Cake Club near you! I do apologize for missing one cake from a late comer and I am also sorry that I failed to learn everyone's name! Please let me know and I will correct it! Also check out Jen's awesome blog here

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