Cake & Bake Show Thoughts

I let fate decide weather or not I was going to go to the second Cake & Bake Show. I couldn't decide on what to do. It's just that I didn't know what I wanted to get out of the show.

Currently I am not after any baking supplies and I am not into the decorating side of cake making. I mean I like simple decorations, sprinkles and glitter etc... but fondant isn't something I get excited about. Therefore, I don't need a lot of decorating tools and what not.

Then they don't have online when things are and who is talking or have demonstrations. If they do I couldn't find it so please correct me if I am wrong. Therefore I wasn't sure when to go and who I'd see.

As I couldn't decide I thought I'd just let it go this year and reconsider next year. Then I was having a lazy morning hanging out on Twitter and Cupcake Heaven Magazine were giving away a ticket to the show if I only retweeted the tweet. So, that's what I did and I won!

Then I went! I just walked around with my biggest mini baker. We saw Paul A. Young make a chocolate and pecan tart and talked to him briefly afterwards. Then we bought a few bakes from here and there, some sugar from Billington's Sugar Shake, and met some fun people!

Paul A. Young demonstrating his tart!

Ms Cupcake & Me!!

John Whaite handing out fudge at the Sugar Shake!

Dessert Tables newest trend for parties! 

Love the colors of this table!

notes: A Big Thank You to: Cupcake Heaven & Bonne Maman for my tickets and the lovely gift box full of Bonne Maman conserves and cookbook!

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