Snickerdoodle Cupcakes to Smooth Out the Bumps

The majority of the time life runs pretty smoothly, everyone is happy. Then there are those times that things aren't so smooth.

In fact they are pretty bumpy and sometimes the bumps turn into hills. However if you ride out the bumps hopefully they will eventually smooth back out again.

Baking has taken a back seat to all the bumps and so it’s been a bit quiet on here lately. 

Recently I made Snickerdoodle Cupcakes for a much needed girls’ night in with two of my best girlfriends.

These cupcakes have been on my To Bake list for ages. The list is forever long and there were a few things more pressing, but I wanted something that was comforting and reminded me of home.

Cinnamon is just a warm and comforting spice.

Snickerdoodles are a sort of sugar cookie coated in cinnamon sugar; they are one of my all time favorite cookies! If you search them on my blog you will see I have tried several different recipes and make them over and over again. So, much to the point I considered calling my blog “Snickerdoodle Dandy” at one point. I’m glad I didn’t.

Point is I should have made these cupcakes ages ago! They were exactly what I needed and my friends thought they were wonderful too! I have a feeling they will be made again and again in this house!

Things should pick up on here again this week and next so stay tuned! 

notes: My sister Janet made these back when my blog was in it’s infancy and has been on my case to make them as her family love them!; recipe can be found in Martha Stewarts Cupcakes book and on the website; Snickerdoodles on United Cakedom; I talked about being a Happify Pioneer here - it's a great site to help you see what is right in front of you.

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