Snail Rolls {hor d’oeuvres for children}

One of my earliest memories of making food are these snack rolls. It was when we were still living in Wisconsin, before we moved to Indiana when I was 5.

I remember sitting at the kitchen table, the same table my little sister and I got caught hiding under with a jar of peanut butter. My older sister found us and promptly told on us. We tried to deny it, but the peanut butter all over our faces and the finger marks in the jar told a different story.

Anyhow it was that same table that the three of us sat rolling out bread slices and trimming the crusts before covering each slice with either peanut butter or jelly, then we’d roll and cut them up before sticking with toothpicks and eating them up!

That is basically how you make Snail Roll, you can trim the crusts before or after it really doesn't matter and you can add whatever fillings you want.

I made them with my girls and we added in Cookie Butter spread, chocolate spread, peanut butter, and jelly. Other fillings that would be good are honey, marshmallow fluff, lunchmeats, cheese, cream cheese, and other sandwich fillers!

Then you roll them up before cutting up into about ½ - 1 inch rolls. As kids we thought they looked like snails so that's how they got their name. 

We shared them with friends and they were gone in minutes so I was in the kitchen making more to satisfy the hungry children!

They are great for a rainy day activity or for any party! 

notes: No snails were used in these rolls. 


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  2. So much nostalgia! I was just telling someone about these. They asked, "why not use a tortilla?" To which I replied "tortillas, in the 80s/90s, in Wisconsin?" I still do this with ham and cheese dometimes


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