Dear Blog (6) - {reflections over the last year}

Dear Blog,

You're 6 years old today. How do you feel?

I haven't been blogging like I used to. In the past I was at home with my children. Now I work part-time, volunteer, and keep busy with other hobbies. Reading being one of them, which is why I have been trying to fit it into the blog as of late. Check out my instagram as I am currently doing a daily book challenge and I'm loving it! I recently took a refresher life drawing workshop, which just taught me I already know stuff, I just have to be more confident in my abilities!

I am sorry if you've been feeling neglected.

So, that's the update on life stuff.... nothing as dramatic going on as the last couple years have been. It's a bit of a lull and I'm taking full advantage of that, because you never know what life will throw at you next!

Having a look back at last year here is a baker's dozen of bakes and events that have appeared here on the blog and are worth having another look at!

  1. Having just moved into my flat this time last year I experimented with my new oven and made these gorgeous Orangey Orange Cupcakes with Raspberries. My flat is located above an office and I shared with them, on my way out I heard a guy in the back say "These are the best cupcakes I've ever had!" To say the least it made my day! 
  2. There is literally only one brownie recipe I use these days and I am continually adding all sorts of stuff to them. The hottest day last August my friend and I went to London to check out some of the museums and to keep the cost down we packed ourselves lunch. I brought brownies made with double chocolate oreos and since they came with us I titled them "Traveling Oreo Brownies!"
  3. The post that I wrote with all the things I had been baking lately
  4. My visit to the Panasonic Idea's Kitchen! Saw a few familiar blogger faces and had a great time learning about their beauty products as well as having a play in their kitchen! 
  5. Making cocktails and learning how to salsa at RevoluciĆ³n De Cuba with my friend Jacob! 
  6. I gave my blog a new look and made MnM Cookies
  7. Lemon Cake and review of the Lunar Chronicle series is the start of my second attempt to incorporate my love of baking and books... I'm still working at it! 
  8. Publicly announcing my happily single status by post a list of 7 movies I think single people should watch on Valentine's Day
  9. Blueberry scones inspired by my rewatching all 7 series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, proving that inspiration can come from anywhere! 
  10. The treats we had as kids are even better as adults because of the nostalgia and these Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes are just that for me! Minus the Oreo Creme Easter eggs of course. 
  11. My second attempt at mixing my love of books and baking was with these Blackberry Custard Tarts inspired by a young adult novel that goes by My Lady Jane
  12. Finally wanting to get use out of my juicer I asked fellow bloggers to share with me their juice and smoothie recipes
  13. Learning that if you make anything by Mary Berry and give her the proper credit you get more views. 

There used to be more posts to choose from, but it's not always about quantity and I feel like the quality of my posts have changed as I have found my voice and have worked on my photography. Not to toot my own horn .... actually I am tooting my own horn. I am proud of the work and time and how far I have come as a blogger. Why do we live in a world where we aren't allowed to show any pride in ourselves and what we have achieved? So, I am ending this post with this: Be proud of what you achieve in any aspect of your life! 

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