Harry Potter 20 years - my story {plus treats}

After being on social media yesterday and reading and watching all the hype about Harry Potter and how it's been 20 years since it's release I just felt like sharing my part of the story.

I discovered Harry Potter later then most. I was flying to my sisters wedding in Hawaii when I bought my very first Harry Potter book. We had a 5 hour lay over at the airport when my 17 year-old self start whining to my mom that I was bored and couldn't I get a book?

So I was browsing the book store  in the airport and they had a big display of Harry Potter books. Remembering my friend Sally reading Harry Potter one day at school I picked it up and read the back. I can recall the memory clearly. Having always enjoyed books about magic and creatures of the dark I thought hey this will be an easy and relaxing read for vacation and I was right!

After that it was a bit fuzzy about where I started reading, but I knew I was hooked while sitting next to the pool and laughing out loud. My little sister had asked what I was laughing at and I was trying to explain to her how amazing and funny this book was. Because we had other things to be doing while exploring Hawaii I hadn't sat down and read it all the way through.  While waiting to board I was reading the last few chapters in the airport when my Uncle asked me what I thought so far.

I couldn't say enough. To when he admitted he was already on book two and that his cousin Mary Grandpre was the cover artist!! I was in awe. By the time we got back to Minnesota I had finished Philosopher's Stone and immediately bought Chamber of Secrets.

I was in a dilema after this because Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire were only available in hardback. We didn't buy hardbacks, it was a lot cheaper to wait for the paperbacks. See here I did buy both books from our Kmart (only store in our little town) in hard back with my own money. Weird? anyway I couldn't wait to find out what happened next.

That is how I got addicted to Harry and his story.

I was in college by the time the 5th book was published. I pre-ordered it, but there was no midnight picking up thing going on in my town and so I had to work the day it was released. I was working at a Movie Gallery (now I'm showing my age, I worked at a movie rental place.... how times have changed) and the mall was across the street. It was dead and the guy I was working with wanted to leave to get something somewhere and so we made a deal we'd sneak off of work to get the things we wanted. I snuck over and got my book which came with a sticker of the cover (which is on a sketch book at my parents house) and cool Harry glasses. Work was still dead and I started it while working.

By the time the 6th and 7th book came out I was living in the UK. For The Half-Blood Prince my husband took me to the Waterstones to pick up my copy. He didn't believe me that the line would be long so we didn't leave until like 10:30pm and were like the last in line. But it was fun being with a lot of other Potter fans!

When Deathly Hollows came out I had made good friends with Cathy, who was also a fan. I was pregnant with my first born and my Muggle t-shirt was a bit too tight because at 4/5 months I was already showing. We were dropped off my our significant others and left to hang out with all the other Harry Potter fans. Once we collected our books we didn't talk just read sitting on the steps next to the prison waiting for the boys to pick us up. I stayed up so late and I had to work the next day. As I finished my shift and was waiting for my ride I was still reading my book and this lady walked past and said you've gotten really far! I was like yes yes I have!!

This is a long post, but it's just crazy for me to think that all of this has made such an impact in my life that I remember it so very clearly.

I have read the series more then once and it's probably about time for another read. It doesn't matter how many times you read it, every time you pick it up it's like visiting it again for the first time, but it feels like you're coming home.

My story isn't one of where it saved me or got me through a hard time, but it's my story and I love reading and hearing other people's Harry stories.

When and where did you first fall in love with the Harry Potter series? If you aren't able to answer that question I hope that after reading this post I can be a part of your story.

*links to the recipes of the above pictures are underneath the pictures!

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