Franco Manca - Reading, Berkshire {restaurant review}

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting invited to restaurants for openings and reviews! I have been to many over the years some that are just okay and others that are amazing and I have to say that my experience at Franco Manca last week was the latter.

Franco Manca not only has great pizza's, but they have great pizza's at great prices and has a lively atmosphere which is a necessary bonus! We were throughly spoiled with appetisers of various mozzarella balls and meats and before the pizzas came out we were treated to a type of masterclass where we were shown first hand how the pizzas were made!

They make everything on site and use the freshest ingredients. There are only 6 pizzas on the menu and the number 3 changes every so often. They told us that they were planning on adding a 7th pizza soon. So, definitely worth checking out along with their daily specials.

Although the pizza was amazing and the mozzarella and dried/cured meats were delicious I couldn't get enough of the wild garlic pesto; made from wild garlic that the head chefs went and found themselves in Italy it was the best thing of the night! There is a pizza with it dolloped on top and I would suggest if you like pesto to try it!

They didn't leave anything out, we not only talked about wild garlic pesto, but they told us all about how sourdough has natural occurring yeast and therefore is better for your insides. We found out all about how the dough is kneaded and left to rise in wood boxes to help with the moisture before being stretched out and made into pizza! Also how they are cooked in a high temperature oven are baked in something like 58 seconds. 

We also discussed wine and the variety of mozzarella cheese balls! As I said it was a great night filled with great food and great company! If you are visiting the Oracle and in need of food and have a love of pizza at a decent price I would highly recommend Franco Manca!

*I was invited out to visit their press opening event. I was not asked to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. Please see more in my contact/policy page above.

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  1. It was a really good event. I'm going to be going back there again, thats for sure!

    1. It was a lot of fun! And the food was great! I will also be visiting again this summer with my girls!


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