The Real Greek - Reading, Berkshire {review}

Tonia Buxton is the face of Greek food in the UK and presenter of the award-winning "My Greek Kitchen" TV series. Tonia has a passion for food, born from an early apprenticeship in her mother's kitchen, and has brought this passion to the development of our dishes at The Real Greek. (from the website)


It's amazing how towns and places are constantly changing, I have lived in Reading for 10+ years now and I have watched it grow! The Riverside at the Oracle is like our very own food court and I used to think it had everything I could ever ask for until I visited The Real Greek. It's a great addition to the Riverside and I think if you visit there you would agree!!

Never having experienced Greek food like this before I was very keen to try everything! However, my eyes were definitely bigger then my stomach and I will need to visit again to try some of the amazing looking and sounding dishes on the menu!!

The restaurant is only recently opened and they invited a handful of local bloggers and press to visit I was surprised that Tonia herself was there!! She is as lovely as she comes across on TV and she sat with us and helped us pick out some of the best things to try! We had a nice mix of the hot and cold meze starting with humous, tzatziki, green pea fava, accompanied with flat bread. (pictured above)

We also ordered the limited edition Watermelon and Feta salad first because my friend Alyssia, who invited me out, has never tried feta before and because it is Watermelon month (for a few more days)!! It was defiantly an interesting combination of sweet - the watermelon and salty - the feta cheese, but it was good!

I ordered the prawn saganaki which is tiger prawns in a rich tomato sauce, with spinach, pickled peppers and sprinkled with feta one of the dishes developed by Tonia! I ate those all to myself as Alyssia doesn't like prawns, but we shared a few other dishes. Falafel's served with pickled cabbage and a tomato salsa it all worked really well together!

Then from the grilled meze menu we tried the Med Chicken - grilled rosemary marinated chicken thighs served with grilled vegetables and the Pork Belly - slow roasted with oregano and paprika. Both were cooked perfectly and worked well with the variety of food we had ordered.

There is a lunch and a kids menu that I will definitely be checking out over the summer! There was so much more on the menu I'd like to try as well and a few of the dishes I'd love to have again! These are a sign, in my opinion, of a good restaurant! It's a bit of a tapas feel with a lot of different dishes making up one meal.

As for drinks I generally stick to water when eating out and that's just because I prefer it with my meals, but there is a great list of wines and other alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic including the iconic Greek soft drink, brand est. 1924, Orangeade! And if you are a coffee lover don't forget to try the Greek Coffee! 

At this point I was full. So, full I wasn't planning on eating anything else. However, dessert was insisted upon. I tried the Greek Filo Custard Pie and I am glad I did. It's a filo pastry filled with a unique custard cream and served with ice cream and cinnamon. It was to die for! I wish I was eating it right now. Alyssia went for the Caramel and Pecan Cheesecake which according to her was delicious!

We believe our menu and the atmosphere in our restaurants bring back the memories and the spirit of Greece. Eating in Greece is never rushed. We take our time, engage in discussion and love to share our food with friends and family. It is all about the experience! {from the website}

I have never been to Greece, but my experience at The Real Greek can be summed up by the above statement. Thank you to Alyssia for allowing me to tag along!

The Real Greek
The Oracle (Riverside)
Reading RG1 2AT

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*My friend Alyssia from AlyssiaRose {lifestyle blog} was invited to The Real Greek to review it and she invited me along as her guest and it's just a bonus that I am a blogger as well! I was not asked to review and all opinions are my own for further information please visit my contact/policy page above.

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