Golden Snitch Bomb Cake {Happy Birthday Harry!}

Today is the big day! It's Harry's Birthday! It's also JK Rowling's birthday!
Happy Birthday Jo!!!

For Harry's big day I made him a snitch cake, like Mrs Weasley does in book 7. I played around with different ideas. But finally decided I wanted to use sugar paste as I concluded it would give me the look I wanted. Then I used a gold spray to make it golden! Candy melts for the wings and an edible black marker to outline. For the inside I choose a bomb cake recipe from Peggy's Boutique Baking. Make any full or half circle cake you want and decorate! 

I'm not sharing the recipe for this bomb cake.

Here are my reasons:
  1. As you can see I’ve been a bit busy and so the first reason is I’m just lazy.
  2. Like I said this recipe comes from Peggy’s Boutique Baking. It’s very in-depth (lots to type out see reason #1) It has step-by-step photos on how to assemble this cake. I couldn't compare to that!
  3. I’m starting my August Break a day early. More about that tomorrow! 

This is a light sponge cake shoved inside a bowl then filled with butter-cream patisserie cream and alternated with fresh raspberries. It was delicious!! Anything for Harry! ;0) The first time I tried doing the wings it hadn't worked out so well. They were the toughest part of the whole cake. My daughter ate them off shortly afterwards. It was whole lot of fuss and worry, on my part, for nothing!

I hope you have enjoyed this weekend of yummy treats based on the world of Harry Potter! I know I had a lot of fun making and eating them!
I hope to do it next year, as there are many other things I'd like to make!!

If you have made Harry inspired anything (food, crafts, and so on) I’d love to see it!
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