Easy Waffles from Jamie Oliver

I wish I could say that I just magically knew how to make waffles from scratch, but I don't. Like most people I had to look it up. I mean someone somewhere in time must have said lets mix flour, egg, and milk together and heat it up in a pan or griddle or waffle maker or whatever they used way back in the day and magically made waffles.

However, when it comes down to the simple things, like waffles, they have generally been done before. That's why I have borrowed Jamie Oliver's recipe - which probably wasn't his recipe to begin with either to be fair. But in today's world of copyright and people owning things I will give him credit here as it was his website I found the recipe I use to make waffles.

Since picking up a waffle maker for only £5 (marked down) I have been making waffles for my girls and I for breakfast and dessert. I hadn't thought of sharing it on the blog because I hadn't changed the recipe up at all and toppings are subjective to individual taste.

Then I thought well people are missing out on this super easy waffle recipe to then top with whatever they want! I mean they might find it on Jamie Oliver's site like I did, but if they are like me they are skeptical of how it might turn out and as I have made this about a dozen times now I can say yes this is a good waffle recipe.

Easy Waffles

150g self rising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp sugar
1 large egg
240ml milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

Mix the dry ingredients together. Then beat the egg in a separate bowl before adding it, in about three parts, to the dry ingredients. Then slowly add the milk beating until smooth between each addition until it's perfectly smooth. Then following the instructions on your waffle maker make waffles!
I usually get about 6 -8 waffles out of the batter.

*I wish Jamie Oliver was paying me to say or to share this, but he's not. If you'd like to visit his site the recipe is here. The amazing lovely lady at Moose Maple Butter sent me a tub of the butter to try out and it's amazing on waffles. Thought it was worth a shout out on here! I met her at Food Blogger Connect a few years back now and received a tub from her there and made these delicious Maple Butter Bars! All opinions are my own and if you want further information see my contact/policy page above!


  1. Ooh nom. I bought a waffle iron thingy and I only used it a handful of times.. this recipe looks easy though. A lot easier than the one I used to use anyway.

    1. There were so many recipes that used sour cream and were telling me to separate eggs and stuff and I was like who has time for that?? Maybe one day if I wanted to be get a bit creative, but for every day waffles these are pretty darn good!!!


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