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Hi! Welcome to United Cakedom! I am you’re host Lisa! I am an American who resides in the United Kingdom!! I have 2 little people whom I refer to here and there. It was the first of the two that sort of started my amateur baking career. I made her first birthday cake. :0)

My baking memories are few and far in-between. I remember burning cookies with my sister and making a very tasty fruit pizza with my cousins. I don’t have stories of spending long afternoons with an older relative baking. I’m self-taught (and still learning) through my out-of-control baking book collection.

In the summer of 2011 I decided to join thousands of other food bloggers and share my experience, thoughts, opinions on all the various things that make up the baking world (books, magazines, blogs, recipes, bakeries, and so on).


x Lisa

P.S. If you have any questions about anything please contact me! (details below)

At Ben's in Oxford
Me in front of Peggy's Parlour; London
Me at Bea's of Bloomsbury in London
I met The David's of Outsider Tart in Oxford at their book signing! 
Winner of a signed copy of Jo Wheatley's A Passion for Baking! 


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Meet Janet: 

Ever since my oldest child's first birthday, I've been baking his birthday cake. Now four kids and 27 birthdays later, I am still baking away! 

I became more creative and confident about my baking several years ago and since then, there really isn't anything I wouldn't try.

I love to paint, craft, read and knit, so baking kind of fits right into my love to create. My kids and husband aside, nothing makes me happier than baking something beautiful and yummy. 

Although they take it for granted, I love it when my family is impressed with my accomplishments.