Georgetown Cupcakes

Here in the UK we had one season of this show play on the Food Network UK channel. It was a lot of fun! You could tell they weren't exactly comfortable in front of the camera. Sometimes things sounded forced or exaggerated. Still, I like it because it's two sisters who are not just family but friends and who have managed to make their dreams come true!! It must be great working with family. I have two sisters who I would love to be in business with. First I'd have to move back to the states. Maybe one day! :0)

Their book is out November 8th you can pre-order it on amazon still!

Has anyone visited their Cupcakery in Washington, DC?
If so I'd love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!! :0)
Out of all the bakery books I want this isn't at the top. Mainly because I don't need any more cupcake books. Not that it would stop me, but there are others I want more! Also I wouldn't say no if it were given as a gift. That isn't a hint...really. Trust me there are other things I'd ask for like this....

of course there is a massive price difference. ;0)

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