Happy Thanksgiving!!

It's an odd sort of holiday.^ I mean making peace with the Native Americans, but it wasn't really such a good deal for them was it?* But it's in the past so what we have is an excuse to eat a lot!! It’s supposed to be a day when we are grateful/thankful for the good things in our lives.

When I was little I hated it when people suggested we say what we're thankful for out loud because I never said anything that wasn't generic. The food on the table, family, friends etc... Now as an adult there are numerous things I can say I am truly grateful/thankful for. Yet, they are still pretty much generic. I'm thankful for all my loved ones, especially my two healthy kids and my husband who provides for us. I'm thankful that we can afford to have a thanksgiving dinner. Financial wise things might be tight sometimes, but we've never gone with out our basic necessities- food, clothes, or shelter. For that I am extremely thankful.

So, today even though I am living abroad in the United Kingdom I am making a Thanksgiving Dinner. It's going to be a little lighter as we'll be eating at 6 o'clock!! It's not a day off here!

Our Menu:
Beer Butt Chicken (taken from Jaime's America)
Sweet Potato Mash
Steamed Veg
Polenta and Cheese Muffins (taken from 100 Magnificent Muffins and Scones)
and last but not least...... Pumpkin Cheesecake (taken from Tea with Bea)
I'll be posting the muffins and cheesecake this weekend!

Note: Reading the Daily Mail, in an attempt to win a Dream Winter Cottage, I came across this article 'Thank you replaced by Cheers...' and thought it was appropriate for today!

*Addams Family Values!!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I found your blog through the bundt round up! I see you have a bakery tour planned, I used to live in Reading too and London this past summer and one of my favourite things to do is go on a cupcake hunt...where I hit 3/4 cupcakeries at once! I live in Wales now and I miss all the amazing bakeries of the South alot! I also think you should add The Cupcake Company in Kensington to your list and Kooky Bakes who don't have a shop but run a stall on a Sunday at Brick Lane...they are two of my fave places along with many of the others you already have listed!

  2. Thank you Cupcake Crazy Gem! I love Mary the Food Librarian and am glad I was able to take part in National Bundt Day!
    I went in October and hit a few places, but there was only so much cake one person could eat in a day! So, I plan to go back! I will definitly add those places to my list!! I'm also looking for new ones! Thanks for stopping by!!


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