Italian Home Baking by Gino D'Acampo (a book over view)

Just a few words on a new book! I have been looking at Gino's books for a while and wasn't sure which one to get if any. Then he came out with a baking book. Well timed* as baking has become popular!

This book is mostly bread, but that is a good thing. I was drooling just thinking of home made bread dipped in olive oil and vinegar!

When my friend Ricki and I used to make weekend trips to the twin cities^ we'd always go to the Minneapolis Art Institute. ^^ The cafe' was as expected over priced, but worth it! We'd get a sandwich a side of bread to dip in our olive oil and vinegar and for dessert it was a must to have crème' burlee.

It was where I had my first ever crème' burlee. I probably should have saved this story for when I make crème' brulee for the first time, but this book is what brought on this memory so here it is.

This book has some sweet stuff, but it is mostly savory which sets it apart from my other bakery books. I can’t wait to share with everyone what I make from it!

*I say it is more then a coincidence
^Minneapolis/St. Paul

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