Golden Pumpkin Loaf!!

Golden Pumpkin Loaf from Baked in America by David Lesniak & David Muniz (Outsider Tart)
I started my Outsider Tart weekend by baking this pumpkin loaf from their book. It was very good. If I do say so myself! After reading an expat website* it informed me that Waitrose carry canned pumpkin! Knowing that there are several pumpkin recipes I want to try I grabbed 4 cans** to start with.
This is where my first can went with no regrets!! 
This loaf is full of cranberries and walnuts and is very moist. I like it with a thin layer of butter or you could have a layer of cream cheese on it. Once again I'm not sharing the recipe as my list of recipes from this book grows!! I can't urge you enough to go get it!! It's a great book!!
If you can't remember I made Snickers Brownies, Chocolate Snicker Doodles, Sugar Saucers, the Cinnamon Loaf, and last but not least the Blackout Cake! And now this of course!!

*Although if you google "canned pumpkin UK" it comes up with all sorts of links all saying that Waitrose carry canned pumpkin.
**One link about canned pumpkin said that Waitrose tend to run out! Another reason I bought 4!

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