Dora the Explorer Little Cooks Collection Issue 2!!

Issue 2 is on sale now! It comes with a Boots plate, rolling pin, butterfly cutter and magazine.
The dough for the cheese biscuits has 3 ingredients and really easy to make!

Again it makes 6 biscuits exactly and is very easy for kids!

Ours had a little patch work, the dough is sticky. It's very much like play-doh.

They bake for 12-15 minutes and are very tasty!!

You too could bake brilliant biscuits!!
I'm very happy again with the Little Cooks Collection. I may end up purchasing more! It comes with fun kitchen utensils and simple easy delicious recipes for parents/guardians to make with there kids!! This issue will only be out for 1 more week and at the bargain price of 2.99 I'd get a copy now!!

note: I purchased this magazine and all opinions are my own! For more information visit the offical website! (link removed as website no longer exists 1.2.2016)


  1. Well I'm not Dora and my hands just aren't as chubby any more as those in your illustration but cheese biscuits sound just right for a gathering I'm having on Sunday! :D Three ingredients, pastry, cheese, glazing egg? Or fat, flour, cheese?

  2. 25g soft butter, 50g self-rising flour, 100g cheddar cheese!! Use your hands to mix the butter and cheese until it resembles bread crumbs, then add the shredded cheese and mix together until it's a soft dough! You could easily double the recipe. They tasted just like mini cheddars (UK) or very similar to Pepperidge Farm cheesy fish crackers (USA).


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