Heart Cakes!!

These were very yummy and lots of fun to make! Just a simple cake recipe can be transformed into whatever you want! I've used the high-ratio pound cake recipe from Bake! by Nick Malgieri.

It's an amazing all around baking book! Lots of basic everyday recipes that are great as a base for creativity. It's exactly what the sub-title says 'essential techniques for perfect baking'! It shows how easy pastry is, which is something I have been nervous or reluctant to try. Anyhow back to the point!

Valentine's Day is next week so I put the pound cake batter into little heart shaped silicone molds. The I layered them with whipped cream and fruit. One with raspberries and the other with strawberries. I used these fruits to decorate the top as well with some solid chocolate hearts!! A perfect Valentines treat!
Then because my mom's group were coming around I used the fun animal molds to use up the rest of the batter!

Two heart shaped pound cakes!
Layer of strawberry jam.
I used parchment paper around the sides to keep my plate clean!
Layer of fresh whipped cream and strawberries!
All layered up!
Place the second cake on top with another
layer of whipped cream and strawberries!!
The raspberry one! I just topped it with the berries!
Animal cakes: the frog didn't turn out so well so we ate him right away!
 Hope you have a delicious Valentine's Day!
Yes, I know it's not until Tuesday but why can't we celebrate a little earlier!
You don't need a holiday to tell someone you love them! Right?

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