Rolo Stuffed Cupcakes!!

My good friend, Alix, made these the other day with her little boy!
Use any cupcake recipe from scratch or box and any flavour. Alix used chocolate and would recommend it! You could use vanilla too!
Spoon some batter into your muffin cases and place a Rolo in the middle. Then spoon the rest of the batter on top. If you don't have a surprise cupcake pan that holds the Rolo in place then they will sink to the bottom. But since it doesn't affect the taste who cares?!?!
Then bake for the allotted time given on your recipe or box. Once cool, frost however you want! Alix used a vanilla frosting and topped them off with a Rolo!
fillin your cupcake!

out of the oven!

the inside

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