Dora the Explorer Little Cooks Collection First Issue!!

I bought my mini-bakers the first issue today for only 99p!!
The second issue is 2.99 (out February 16th) then it's 4.99 from then on.

Mini-Baker has enjoyed looking through the magazine!
I like how the Banana Muffin recipe is for exactly 4 muffins.
Which is the number of silicone cases that are included!

Includes 4 silicone muffin cases and a Dora plate!

It also came with this fruit and vegetable chart/poster!
Mini-Baker has just been learning about healthy eating at preschool and this poster is a great tool for continuing that education at home! It also has all the fruit and veg names in Spanish! Double bonus!!
If you want to know more visit your local news stand or visit the website! (website has since been removed) I'm not sure I'll continue with all the issues, but it is a fun idea for kids!

note: I purchased this with my own money and all opinions are my own, see tab above for further information.  

Update: We made the muffins this afternoon after buying the magazine!! The recipe is super easy for kids you just have to help with the measuring!!
mashing the banana

ready for the oven

fresh out of the oven

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