Sugar Cookeis and Granola Bars!! by Janet

If you are in the USA most schools will be out for summer in the next few weeks, if you are in the UK you still have like 2 months! My sister has been busy with making treats for her kids teachers and end of school parties. My birthday was yesterday so I have some fun cupcakes to share with you soon, so until then here is what my sister, Janet has been up too!! ~ Lisa

Apple Cookies
What better way to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week than with these fun apple cookies?!
I made sugar cookie cutouts with the recipe I found in SprinkleBakes. But you can use your favorite sugar cookie recipe. I found my apple cookie cutter at a local speciality store or on Amazon (US link)
Then, once they were cut, baked, and cooled I made Royal Icing- from Martha Stewart's Cookie book.
I took out 3-6 cups of runny icing and poured them into 3 bowls. I tinted one each red, green, and yellow (with a dab of green). Then I flooded a 3 dozen apples, 1 dozen of each color. Then I tinted about 3/4 C of icing brown for the stems. Then, I slowly added more confectioners sugar to my mixer and blended the remaining icing until it was a thicker consistency. I filled my piping bag and outlined all of the apples with white.

Yummy Granola Bars:

If you're in the UK you can use any chocolate chips
and mini mallows!!

I made these for my daughter's preschool celebration. They were easy and super yummy!
Here is the recipe for the granola bars!
I added mini marshmallows :)
~Janet aka Indiana Baker!


  1. Oh wow, these cookies look super duper cute! Thanks for sharing!


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