Strawberry Lumpy Bumpy Cake from Pausa in Dunelm Mill!!

Yesterday my friend and I decided to travel to Dunelm Mill and have a look around and of course a coffee!! I think all the Dunelm's have a Pausa Cafe in them? I couldn't resist the Strawberry Lumpy Bumpy Cake. It was delicious. With a brownie like base with a strawberry whipped cream with a vanilla cream middle you can't go wrong!

My friend's hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows!!
Tuesday Coffee and Cake


  1. Glad you liked it! My sister actually developed and created that exact strawberry lumpy bumpy cake for the cake manufacturer she used to work at! I've had it countless times as staff members could buy imperfect cakes for very cheap prices and so we also used to have some kicking round at our house! The chocolate lumpy bumpy is also amazing! not sure if they sell that at the cafe or not though!

    1. That is awesome!! I want your sister's job!! My friend and I discovered Lumpy Bumpy cake at a Boswell's Branch years ago and it's been our "thing" since then! This was a first for a strawberry one though! Does she have a recipe she'd like to share?? ;0)


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