Peggy Porschen's Chocolate Heaven Cupcakes!!

I loved the look of Peggy Porschen Bouique Baking from the start! This isn't her first book and I had been eyeing a few of her other titles when amazon kindly suggested I might like this one. I am very happy with it!

Yet I do have one little gripe. The amount of dishes! Not sure why, but it felt like I used a lot more dishes. I will try to remedy this gripe next time I use this book and keep you updated! I am also going to be visiting her Palour in a few weeks time!!

On to the cupcakes! They are the most chocolaty cupcakes ever! Perfect for chocoholics. There is nothing that really stands out as special, but I would pull these out for any occasion marked as special! You could always just make them just because I wouldn't judge you. The frosting is what really makes these-while I was making dinner I caught both my mini-bakers with there fingers in the frosting, needless to say those particular ones were their dessert!

If you want Peggy’s decorating tips check out the book!! And check out my first thoughts of this amazing baking book!!

UPDATE (2013): I was asked to not reprint any of her recipes online so I have removed the recipe from this post. 


  1. I shared these on Cupcake Tuesday! See the badge in the side bar!!

  2. I love Peggy Porschen's cakes! And I have yet to get my hands on her books! Need to save up money but for now, I'm going to attempt this recipe!

    And I'm definitely following you now! I'm an avid baker too and baking blogs inspire me! <3

  3. I've been searching for peggy's chocolate cupcake recipe online and im so glad to have finally found it!
    thank you for sharing, your cakes look so scrummy.
    only 8g of cocoa?1 did they taste chocolatey enough?!
    em x

    1. I would encourage you to buy the book if you like this recipe! there are a good handful of other delicious looking cupcakes!! Yes, I did double check just now as it's been a while since I've made them, there is only 8g of cocoa. They were definitely chocolate-y enough! These are my favorite chocolate cupcakes ever.

    2. I ordered the book last night! i hope the boutique baking book is the one with all of the cupcake recipes inside!
      thank you for your response, i just noticed the plain chocolate probably makes up for the cocoa powder...

    3. There are about 8 cupcake recipes in this book, sticky toffee, banoffee, black forest, vanilla, these etc... Hope you like it!!!

    4. hi ..can someone help me out??? I tried this recipe and i followed it to the T ,but for some reason the cupcake started rising and then it went flat down. It puffed and then it sat down..what could be the reason??? It tasted really good though..

    5. I have since tried these again and they are a bit flat, not overly rounded at the top like some cupcakes. But as you said still tastes good.


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