WorkHouse Coffee Company, Reading Berkshire {bakery tour}

The WorkHouse Coffee Company (10-12 King St. Reading RG1 2HF) has been on my radar for a while and today I finally made a visit! 

The nice young woman behind the counter was American, I am terrible as I don't hear accents. I had no idea until she said something about "us Americans" and I was like "oh you're American??" She replied "no I just speak with this accent" and then I sheepishly apologized for not really hearing accents any more. 

Once when I worked at a bank I had an American family closing an account because they were moving back to the states. They were asking me the usual questions: where are you from? what are you doing here? and so on. They said they were moving back and again I hadn't even noticed their accents. At that time I covered it up smoothly, but I'm not always so lucky. I just don't hear the difference if people are speaking English to me. Maybe there is something wrong with my brain. Anyhow my thoughts on the place.... 

I love the feel and look of this coffee house it's comfortable and rustic. Here check it out: 

I had a blondie; it was very tasty but a bit big for my mid morning coffee! :0) Accompanied by an iced latte! It was actually warm today so it was suitable! I could find myself visiting this coffee place on a regular basis!! 

Found this video on YouTube check it out! 


  1. Do you feel like you accent has changed? Lol you are so funny that you don't notice!

  2. I never have been able to hear accents very well, I also am hopeless when trying to copy an accent on purpose. but I have very much kept my american accent, all the mums at preschool commented on how I still sounded very American! And they were all surprised that it was so strong after 7 years!
    Scottish, strong London and other northern England accents I hear! Who knows!?!?


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