Age is Just a Number {lemon poppy seed scones}

Today is my birthday.

Not just any birthday, my thirtieth. See I wrote it out as it looks better then in-your-face numbers.

Honestly though I am not overly bothered about turning thirty. I knew it was going to happen one day. Next year will probably make me freak out a little, but that's a whole year away!

I need to focus on today and tomorrow. Today while you read this I will be baking with Eric Lanlard in his Spring Baking Mad course. Thanks to my Mom & Dad! I can't wait to share my experience with you! And on my way back to Berkshire I plan to stop at Outsider Tart with my amazing friend Lauren, who is picking me up!

Then Friday, I have family and friends coming round for drinks and snacks and drinks. Should be a good night. It will be even better if it doesn't rain all day like predicted. So, I made these Lemon and Poppy Seed scones as an offering to the Sun God(s). That is if there are any left to offer. 

I will let you know if it works, as soon as these were out of the oven the sun shone through the clouds! I used John Whaites recipe from his new book!

I probably will be absent from social media the next few days as I'm off having a fun birthday weekend! But follow me on Twitter (@unitedcakedom) on Sunday May 19th as I will be baking and tweeting live my Banana CinnaMuffins (level10) for World Baking Day!

notes: Happy Birthday to me! Eric Lanlard's cooking school; Outsider Tart; Sun God(s); my review of John Whaites Bakes; World Baking Day check out the site for recipes and Bake Brave this Sunday May 19th!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Believe me, you feel a whole lot better about the numbers once you get passed 40... Sounds like you have a great few days ahead of you.


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