SW3ET DREAMS with Jamie Laing {book signing & review}

I got to meet Jamie Laing!

It’s not very often we get cool people in Reading signing their books. At least not books that I’m interested in. 

I arrived at WHSmith half an hour early with my eldest Mini Baker, who fell instantly in love with the pink cover and the kitten shape on the front cover! 

If you haven’t heard of Jamie Laing he is one of the stars of the E4 hit show Made in Chelsea and Candy Kitten is his baby. Candy Kitten was created out of Jaime’s love of everything sweet and a love of a good party!

Besides the book Candy Kittens is a brand with clothes and other accessories available on his website. In fact there is a shirt that says ‘love candy’ that I am coveting right now. It’s out of stock at the moment.

I wonder if Jaime could hook me up? I mean now that we’re on a first name basis and all. I said hi, then he signed my book “To Lisa and Aurora All my Love Jaime Laing,” we took our picture together, then I said thanks and nice to meet you. See. Best friends.

No? I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye on the site and hope it comes back in stock.

Anyway… the book is broken down into sections titled, SW3et Dreams; Kitten Cakes; Yea Boi! Biscuits; Cool Stuff; & Pardy Drinks. There are tips on how to be a Candy Kitten as well as all of fun treats that are perfect for any occasion you want to make feel like a party! Here is a short list of what I’d like to have a go at…

Sparkling blackcurrent marshmallows
Sherbet dip-daps
Sour watermelon jelly diamonds (picture)
Salted Caramel Sweets
Butterscotch toffee apples
Marshmallow Fluff
Eton Mess cupcakes
Peanut Rice Krispies squares (and variations)
Strawberry-vanilla rainbow cake (picture)
Trillionaire’s shortbread
Black raspberry macarons
Cherry and cream ice pops
Bubble coffee
Lemonade ice cream float

Overall it’s a fun and entertaining book with a lot of sweet treats to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth! It's also ahead of it's game with a new way to read books, by downloading a free app you can scan the pages of the book in a sort of video scavenger hunt for Jaime's favorite recipe!  

One of the biggest reasons I love this book is because it’s called Candy Kittens. I know it’s completely irrelevant to the actual book and I  have no reasoning beyond the fact that I am an American and I still use the word ‘candy’ in describing sweet stuff even after 8 years of being in the UK.

notes: Nigella was the last cool person that I am aware of, that has come through Reading and I wrote about it on my other blog here. I have said it before and I will say it again I judge books by covers. I can’t help it a cool design draws me in every time!

Signing my book while my little one checked out the candy bowl! 


  1. I've never seen Made in Chelsea and hadn't heard of the book until I saw a little bit in the Times magazine last weekend, but loved the title too! I will have a proper look when next in the bookshop.
    Love your blog!

    1. It's just a fun little baking book! I think you should give it a look through if you get a chance! ;0)

      Thank you! I'm glad you like my blog!!

  2. Gosh I've seen this book mentioned on twiitter and seen Jaime on Loose Woman I think and never knew this was a baking book, I thought it was about his sweet shop so I'm glad you've put me straight as I am an avid Made in Chelsea fan!

    1. There are recipes for sweets too, but cake and other bakes as well! It was half price at whsmith ...


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