Bake Brave!

May 19th is World Baking Day! 

World Baking Day is about asking everyone to step out of their comfort zone and bake brave! 

This year I was asked to be an ambassador! I submitted a Banana Cinnamuffin recipe that has been tried and tested over the years first by my sister, Janet, before she passed it on to me. 

On the official World Baking Day site, you can choose your level and it will suggest recipes accordingly.  Banana Cinnamuffins are leveled at 10. 1 being the easiest all the way to 100! 

Join me and many others on the 19th of May while we Bake Brave!
Challenge yourself by choosing a level or more above what you think is your skill level! 

image found on the official google+ page

Spread the word via social media or by word of mouth!
Plan to bake with family and/or friends turn it into a true event Sunday May 19th!

Visit the official World Baking Day site for more information!

Find my recipe on Food Network UK here

Don't forget to check out all the other delicious recipes while you're there! 

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