Rock n Roll {Ed's Diner Review}

This weekend I had an opportunity to visit Ed’s Diner, that recently opened up in The Oracle (Reading, Berkshire). 

It wasn't my experience at Ed’s. The first time was years ago wondering around London and randomly happened upon an Ed’s at lunchtime.

Then not too long ago one opened up in Basingstoke, which I made my husband take me too. If that doesn't tell you that I am a fan of Ed’s Diner then I don’t know what will. It’s also pretty obvious then, that I was super excited to see one open up in Reading!! 

My friend, Cathy who loves American style food (I honestly think it’s the only reason she’s friends with me) was my date for the night. We weren't disappointed. The food and atmosphere was great. The staff was friendly and helpful. It was an all around good experience.

Cathy had an Oreo Milkshake, Chili Cheese burger combo plate, and a pancake stack for dessert. Here is what I had!

Rootbeer Float:

Big Bubba’s Bacon N’ Cheese Burger:

Atomic American Fries:

Lot of Waffle:

Have you ever been to an Ed’s Diner? If so what was your experience? What did you get? What flavor of milkshake or malt would you suggest?? (I love the peanut butter one!)

Notes: Check out my full review!! (removed as of 31.1.2016) Ed’s Diner Reading: Upper Floor, Broad Street Entrance; The Oracle Shopping Centre; Reading RG1 2AG (NOW CLOSED 2017) and Ed’s official site visit to sign up for the newsletter you get a coupon for a free shake a few weeks around and including your birthday! 


  1. I had the complete opposite experience yesterday with my young family. No less than 4 members of staff walked past without saying a word and with grim faces as we were waiting to be seated. It's put me off trying again. Shame because I love a good diner. Glad you had a better experience.

    1. That's a shame you had such a bad experience! We had a couple members of staff walk by, but I assumed they were waiting on tables as I would expect the host/hostess to seat people. Bad that there wasn't a host/hostess to seat you though! It's their job to be there greeting diners!


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