Lime Shortcakes! {weekend baking}

My husband likes anything citrus. Especially limes, they are his absolute favorite! However he is not a huge fan of strawberries. (What is wrong with him?! ha!) So when I make strawberry shortcakes, I decided to make lime shortcakes for him. 

They are very sour but super yummy!

I made the Lime Shortcakes by using the same recipe I used for my Strawberry Shortcakes. If you want a shortcut, Bisquik has a recipe on the box for shortcakes that are easy to make.

I used the zest and juice of 4 limes. I took 3 more limes and with a paring knife, sliced the membrane out and arranged it on the bottom of the cake. (picture below)

Then, after I whipped my cream, omitting the vanilla, I slowly added about 1/4 cup of lime juice and a few pinches of zest.  You can make another shortcut by using Cool Whip and just add the lime juice to the thawed whip.

On top of my bed of limes, I put a dollop of lime whipped cream, put the top of the cake on, topped it with the cream and sprinkled lime zest.

It was a hit! ~ Janet

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