Eton Mess Cake

Last summer was a big time for England with the Jubilee and Olympics and I kept seeing Eton Mess Cupcakes everywhere, but never got around to making them.

One day as I was looking around the Baking Mad website, I am usually there checking out the latest giveaways, and stumbled across the Eton Mess Cake in the Cake Recipe section.

It is labeled as an easy cake and it is an easy cake. It’s one of those cakes that you can throw together while making dinner and it’ll be ready for dessert. 

Also with this freak heat wave we’re having it was the perfect cake to bake as it took little time, so I wasn't sitting in front of a hot oven for long. I served it with cream straight from the refrigerator but ice cream would be good too! 

I love the fresh strawberries in cake paired with the crunchy meringue. Of course fresh fruit doesn't always bode well a day later, but it was still a gorgeous cake. As it's a tray bake you can cut into as big or as small of squares as you like! 

Eton Mess Cake

Find the recipe here!

There was a little hiccup in the directions, it didn't say what temperature to pre-heat the oven at, but it does say to bake for 40 minutes. I made an executive decision and pre-heated my oven at 180C and only baked it for 30 minutes. I thought I’d bake it for 30 and check and bake for longer if needed, but it didn't. So, I probably should have only heated the oven to 160/170C? Well, not sure it matters as the cake is baked and it’s good! 

I didn't make my own meringues, I love homemade meringues, but in this case I didn't want to waste egg yolks. I generally only make meringues if I am making ice cream or something as I hate wasting the yolks. I know you can freeze them in an ice cube tray, but I am terrible at remembering things in the freezer. I also used vanilla bean paste instead of pure extract. 

I sometimes forget there are some great online sources for baking. BakingMad(dot)com have an amazing selection for a variety of baking. Even ad-midst this heat wave we are having there is plenty to make like a no-bake-cheesecake? Or homemade ice cream?

If you like the look of this cake why not check out for some lovely cake recipes at a variety of levels and flavors! They have many cakecheesecake, and ice cream ideas & recipes! 

notes: I was asked by to bake something from their site. All opinions are my own for further information on my content policy please see the tab above. 

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