Ben & Jerry Inspired Cakes {Clandestine Cake Club}

When I tell people I am going to Cake Club, what I call it for short, I get asked "What's that?"

I usually respond with "It's a secret."

Then because I don't want to be rude, I explain myself. 

I suppose I’m so used to running in a baking/cooking crowd online I forget the people in my real life don’t always know what I’m on about! 

It’s one of my main reasons for loving cake club! Sharing with a group of people who love to bake and eat cake as much as I do!

This month’s theme was Ben & Jerry Ice Cream inspired cakes! I've listed them in order of the collage above; images of the ice cream are either next to or above the cakes!

Louise made a Baked Alaska, she made a soft vanilla sponge with a marshmallow fluff middle, topped with a vanilla buttercream covered with marshmallows and white chocolate chips.

Clare made us a passion fruit cake inspired by the sorbet and Greek yogurt Ben & Jerry’s. It was delicious she made her own passion fruit curd!

Jen, from Blue Kitchen Bakes, made a delicious Cookie Dough Cake! Inspired by the ice cream of the same name. It was a vanilla sponge with egg-less cookie dough in the middle and frosted with vanilla buttercream!

I made a cake inspired by Cherry Garcia, so I made a cherry cake with cherries and chocolate flakes topped with a dark chocolate ganche! My recipe will follow in a later post!!

Then Katy had Peanut Butter Cup a newer flavor to the UK freezer section and also my favorite Ben & Jerry’s ever! She made a gorgeous chocolate sponge with a peanut butter frosting and covered the whole cake in peanut butter cups! 

Clara & Fiona brought us a Mint Chocolate Chunk cake, inspired by a flavor that’s available in their shops! It was a chocolate sponge with a refreshing mint and chocolate chip buttercream!

Over all another successful night!

notes: Look for a Clandestine Cake Club near you!! It’s a great way to get creative in the kitchen and meet new people!! When I was telling my husband our theme I said "We're making Jen & Berry inspired cakes." Yeah, I do that a lot. That and make up new words! Stay tuned for how I made a Cherry Garcia cake! 

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