Homemade Double Deckers!!

“To get something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” ~ unknown 

I had never had a homemade Double Decker before.  Nor have I had homemade nougat before…

… until now. 

All because I did something I’ve never done before! 

I made nougat.

I used to think it wasn’t possible to make things at home taste as good as bought goods. I’ve learnt through experimenting that I can recreate things in the kitchen, which taste just as good or better then store bought!

When food and treats are made at home, you can control what goes into them. So many things today have additives that aren’t needed!

Homemade treats always make a great gift as well.

For all these reasons and more I will always prefer homemade food and treats to anything you can buy pre-packaged!

I’ve worked with Good to Know Recipes in the past and when they recently contacted me about creating a homemade treat for them to share on their site, I said yes!

I’m all about sharing with everyone my love of making homemade goodness!!

Nougat is pretty simple to make, but it will need attention. Generally when making homemade candy and sweets you should keep children away, the hot sugar can give serious burns. I burnt myself when I made fudge for the first time. It was not pretty!

I’m going to share first how I made them, and then I’m going to add in how I will do it differently next time. I learned a few things with my first attempt! So, here is how I made Homemade Double Deckers -

What you’ll need:

1x2lb loaf tin
1x1lb loaf tin
greaseproof paper
wooden spoon
sugar thermometer
stand or hand mixture

Chocolate Base:

450g milk chocolate, broken up
150g rice pops (rice krispies)

Line a 2lb & 1lb loaf tin (see my notes on how I would change things) with greaseproof paper. Melt the chocolate using you’re preferred method, let it cool slightly before mixing with the rice pops. Once completely coated fill each tin about half way with the chocolate coated cereal. Set in the fridge.

for the nougat:

560g granulated sugar
75ml (5 tbsp) of water
500g glucose syrup
2 egg whites, at room temperature
1 tsp of honey
½ tsp of vanilla

In a large saucepan, dissolve the sugar in the water and glucose syrup, over a medium-high heat. Stir continuously with a wooden spoon except when you need to brush down the sides of the pan with a pastry brush dipped in warm water to keep it sticking to the sides.

Once dissolved put the sugar thermometer into the saucepan and put the heat on high until the mixture boils. Then bring it back down a little to medium/high, do not stir it or cover it!

When it reaches 120C/248F place the egg whites in a very clean and dry bowl of a stand mixer and whisk the egg whites until firm peaks form.

When the sugar mixture reaches 150C/302F immediately remove the pan from the heat, wear oven gloves and be careful. With the stand mixer on a medium speed pour the sugar syrup into the egg whites in a steady stream; don’t allow it to pour down the side of the bowl or on the whisk.Once it’s completely incorporated beat for another 3 minutes or until thick and glossy. Take out the loaf tins from the fridge while it's beating.

Working quickly, stir in the honey and vanilla with a wooden spoon. Then pour on top of the cold set chocolate cereal base. You shouldn’t have to smooth it, but if you do use the back of a spoon dipped in hot water. It will melt the chocolate base a little, but once it’s in the tin just stick it back in the fridge for a little while. I waited over night to finish them, but I would give them at least a half hour or more to reset the chocolate base.

To finish:

350g milk chocolate

Melt the chocolate using you’re preferred method then once the nougat and chocolate base are cool spread over the top of each ‘loaf’. Once it’s set use a sharp knife to cut into bars. You could dip the knife into hot water to try to make it easier, but it will just melt the chocolate. Then enjoy!

Here is what I would do differently next time:
First I would have used 3 1lb loaf tins instead of the 2lb loaf tin at all. Or even another size cake tin. The loaf tin just makes it easy to cut into bars. (see picture below)
-You can split the chocolate base in half, but the amount of nougat would be difficult to split. So, you could make 2 loaf tins of double deckers and use the left over nougat for nougat and spread that in a lined and greased tin. Or use rice paper if you have some to lay on the bottom and top of your nougat. 

The second thing I might do differently is to make the nougat first. When I poured it on top of the chocolate cereal base it started to melt the chocolate and I had to set it again in the fridge. Which is fine as it did set, but it might have been easier to make the nougat and then before completely set, stuck the chocolate base on top. However it might not have stuck together that way? I won’t know unless I try it!

Third I might have cut the bars first before covering with chocolate. That way all the sides would be covered with chocolate as well and may have helped keep the nougat from drooping over the sides. If you decide to do this realize you may need a bit more chocolate. The nougat does have a mind of it’s own and if sat too long will start to move.

Warning: The nougat is super chewy and yummy! So, just take care when cutting it and biting it! I just don’t want to feel responsible for anyone losing teeth or a finger!! 

notes: I made this for Good to Know Recipes Homemade Campaign. The nougat recipe was adapted from The Vintage Sweets book by Angel Adoree. Homemade treats are wonderful, but not always cheaper. I bought 2 bars of Sainsbury's Fairtrade Smooth Milk Chocolate 400g each at 2.50 a bar. 


  1. All I can say is oh wow. Double Deckers are one of my favourite chocolate bars so all I need to as an excuse now!

  2. OMG!! Love these - have to think what candy bars I could make Lisa...u have inspired me!

  3. Oh man, these look amazing!!! Double Decker is always one of my top 3 chocolates of choice in a petrol station pit stop! I have never thought about making my own, yours sound so tasty...might have to give them a try!! Thanks for sharing!


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