Thinking of You

Whenever I catch sight of the post person or a delivery van out the window with a package I get super excited.

 It’s so much fun getting post!!

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, because anytime I get the post both of my girls are all over me asking if anything has come for them!

When an unexpected package arrives it means someone was thinking of you! 

Sometimes it's because you bought something for yourself that you have been waiting for.

Either way it's fun, right? 

So, why not send someone you’re thinking of a gift and make his or her day?

Or of course yourself! 

Maybe you have a special occasion coming up? Anniversary, birthday, Easter isn’t too far away and right before that is Mother’s Day! Perhaps you just want to let that someone know you’re thinking of him or her!

That’s when you should visit Hampergifts, they have an incredible range of hampers; anything from food hampers to wine hampers or cheese hampers even sweet hampers and picnic hampers!

I’m drawn to the picnic hampers; maybe it’s a longing for spring to finally arrive!

However I finally choose the Lindt Chocolate Gift Basket, which arrived quickly and was packaged with care!

Full of chocolaty goodness what girl or guy would complain! There is enough to share, but not too much that you can’t keep it all to yourself!

There is nothing wrong with not sharing. I wouldn't judge you. Now all that’s left is who to send your Hampergift too?

notes: In association with Hampergifts, for more information please see my contact/policy page.


  1. Ohh I do love hampers....Especially one's containing food and chocolates....hehehe


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