Hot Chocolate Serves a Greater Purpose

I like a coffee here and there throughout the day. Turns out my two little ones like my coffee as well. They won’t eat peas, but they drink coffee.

Seriously what is that all about?

Basically hot chocolate is the only way I get to enjoy a WHOLE cup of coffee to myself.

I make them hot chocolate and they pretend to be drinking coffee.

I figure I’d get a lot of hate for making my children coffee. It apparently will stunt their growth and the 4 year old does not need that because I am under the impression she isn't going to get very big anyway!

Hot chocolate is also better when it comes in fun flavors!

Mars have recently released a new selection of drink pouches, Galaxy Ripple & Caramel, MilkyWay Magic Stars, Maltesers and of course Mars bar!

Their favorite is the Mars MilkyWay Magic Stars, because it comes with little chocolate stars and they love anything to do with magic!

My favorite is the Galaxy Caramel one! Perfect for these chillier nights we are still having!

What’s nice about these as they can be made with water or milk and a couple of them can be made hot or cold. Chocolate milk is always a treat at dinner time!

It hasn't completely stopped them from wanting my coffee over their hot chocolate, because whatever mom has is always better then what they have, even if it isn't! However it has helped the cause and I usually get at least one cup of coffee to myself!! 

notes: the product was sent to me to try out, for further information please see my contact/policy page. Available from Asda and Tesco for £1.99.

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  1. They look great flavours....I will be hunting the Magic Stars one down....Can't wait to try it :)


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