Holding it Down in London Town {Johnny Cupcakes}

A week ago Saturday, I took my family on a road trip to London, for the sole purpose of visiting a very special place in Carnaby.

Johnny Cupcakes! They were celebrating their 3rd year in London!

I have a small-ish collection of Johnny Cupcakes T-Shirts, sweatshirts, bags, stickers, and buttons that is still growing!

With the promise of new in store only T-shirts and to meet the Johnny of Johnny Cupcakes I had to go!

We did have a bit of a wait, the store is pretty small and can only fit so many in at a time, but the crowd was friendly and we had a great time talking with the other fans! 

When we got closer to the storefront, Johnny was outside performing magic tricks! My girls loved it! According to his profile on the website he wants to be a magician when he grows up. I think he’s well on his way!

Overall it was a great afternoon out, I got a fun t-shirt (the same as Johnny is wearing in the pictures above), and I got to meet Johnny!! He gave the girls buttons and they happily posed for a picture with him!

It’s not just the creative and fun clothes and accessories that I love about the JC brand, but the story behind it.

Johnny “Cupcakes” Earle is the CEO and Head Baker of Johnny Cupcakes; he started the brand in 2001 out of the trunk/boot of his car. He took something that started with his friends calling him enduring names like Johnny Appleseed and of course Johnny Cupcake, added a bit of fun and creativity, then turned into a successful business.

It’s the sort of story that makes you believe that anything is possible if you are willing to take a chance and do something that makes you happy!

My eldest drew this after our visit.

notes: This post is not endorsed or in association with Johnny Cupcakes. I went because I love it! If you’d like to visit Johnny Cupcakes in London Town you can find it at 10 Foubers Pl. Carnaby, London, W1F7PF UK; for other locations check the website and if you can’t visit one of the awesome stores you can always order online, they ship internationally!

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  1. I had no idea this even existed...thanks for the heads up!


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