Breakfast Pastries #thepastrychallenge June Link-Up

Well another month has come and gone and it’s been three since Jen and I started the pastry challenge! Last month the theme was picnics and even though the weather has been touch and go we’ve had some gorgeous days to get out for a picnic!

Jen’s round up is up now! So, go check out the amazing entries over on Jen’s Food!

This month’s theme is breakfast and/or brunch. I’m thinking croissants, Danishes, pinwheels, rolls and delicious excuses to eat dessert for breakfast. Of course that’s the sweet tooth talking over here on my side, but any of those things can be made savory by breakfast staples like bacon, sausage, egg, cheese, and the list goes on! 

So, please join us this month in creating and sharing some delicious, mouth-watering breakfast pastries!

Rules/Guidelines are as follows:

First bake a pastry that fits the theme. 
Second blog about it! Be sure to link back to both myself Lisa at www(.)unitedcakedom(.)com and Jen at www(.)jensfood(.)co(.)uk.
If you tweet use the hashtag #thepastryhcallenge and be sure to include us @unitedcakedom & @jensfood1 we like and retweet any we see!
Please feel free to use the image below in your post as a way to help spread the word. I will be adding the entries to the official Pastry Challenge Pinterest board that you can follow here!
Lastly link it up below, following the instructions on the widget/gadget below.

A few reminders we are looking for new or re-posted posts following the instructions above. Feel free to enter more then one entry. Also if you have a few minutes check out the entry before yours and leave a comment! Any questions please feel free to contact either Jen or myself! We look forward to seeing all your amazing pastry creations!

Oh and one more thing if you're linking up to this blogging challenge why not link up to Maison Cupcake and Made with Pink's Breakfast Club challenge

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  1. Thanks for the mention. I've updated the Breakfast Club post to suggest people submit any pastry entries here too :)


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