Supper Safari at the Oracle in Reading, Berkshire

Last week I was invited out for a Supper Safari at the Oracle in Reading. The safari had us run around (not literally) the Oracle to three different restaurants. First for appetisers then for a main meal followed by dessert! 

We started our adventure at Jamie’s Italian we were greeted by the bar manager who was full of knowledge and answered all of our questions, even the ones we didn’t know we had! They started us out with a glass of Jamie’s Italian Prosecco. Which is sold exclusively at Jamie’s Italian because when you’re Jamie Oliver you can do that! Then we were brought out the three planks in the Anti-Pasta and side section of the menu. 

Before we were allowed to tuck in we were told all about what was on the plate and I would love to say I memorised everything we were told or that I am an expert note taker, but I’m not. I am referring back to the online menu for spellings and such. However, I do remember being told that by telling us about the food before hand we would want it more. That we’d literally start salivating and I have to say he was right. It makes sense as I can’t watch a food program without wanting what is being shown to me, even if I’ve had a big dinner! 

The first of the three planks was the Cured Meats one which had (surprise) a selection of cured meats. The second plank was the vegetarian option. With sliced, chargrilled, and marinated seasonal vegetables in a herby olive oil. Both of these planks came with mini buffalo mozzarella, pecorino and chilli jam, along with pickles, olives, and a kale slaw that has a secret ingredient that we weren’t allowed to know…otherwise it wouldn’t be a secret. The third plank had a mix of the first two and a little more adventurous then the first two. It had some of the same meats, but included spiced duck-liver pate, truffled salami & fennel, pork scratchings, and my favourite the Italian Nachos! It is their second most popular starter. They are crispy fried ravioli stuffed with three cheeses, served with arrabbiata and parmesan. Also the mozzarella had a sun dried tomato topping which was delicious! What we had on the sharing plank was slightly different then the one on the menu. 

Then we were given a quick tour of the restaurant. We were sitting in the new bar area, which was only built recently, before we went upstairs to see the view of the riverside. There was also the mural of a woman, they call Jules after Jamie’s wife. It’s a gorgeous mural and just underneath is where all the prosciutto was hung. If you’re visiting ask about a silver flying pig that is on the meat label! 

We then made our way to Cau (pronounced cow) the new Argentina steak restaurant that just opened up in the Oracle for our main. We started with a glass of Zuccari ‘Animado’ a vibrant red wine - again one that is made just for Cau. Then it wasn’t long before we were served the Cau Feasting Plate. It had three different cuts lomita, aside de chorizo and tire de ancho - the king of steaks. There was a selection of sauces to accompany the steak, I apologise for not knowing all of them! We were also given a selection of sides including truffle macaroni and cheese, chips, coleslaw (another one with a secret ingredient) and corn on the cob! 

The atmosphere is friendly and comfortable in a shiny new part of Oracle. Plus the food was amazing! I will be planning another visit soon! 

Last but not least we had dessert at Ed’s Diner. Ed’s Diner’s niche is 1950’s style diner, think Grease. They serve all three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However we were there for dessert and it was hard to choose what to have. It was suggested to us to try the sundaes and it’s what we all choose! I went with the berry sundae as it seemed the most refreshing after all the rich tasty food we had previously! 

I actually reviewed Ed's for the Oracle when it opened up in 2013 check out that review here! There is also a review of one of Jamie's Italian's desserts here

I had a lot of fun going to three different places for a 3 course meal! I will definitely be doing that again! Especially when the Oracle launches it’s new app (App Store & Google Play) for diners called the Plus app this summer on August 1st. The app is free to download and will give you discounts to the participating restaurants throughout the summer. Keep your eye out! Who doesn't like eating out and saving money? 

notes: I was invited out by the Oracle PR team and was compensated for my time not for a favourable review, all options are my own for more information please see my contact/policy page. 

Jamie’s Italian 
Unit 1 Riverside level 
The Oracle, Reading, RG31 2AG

The Oracle, Bridge Street, Reading RG1 2AQ 
01189 505 559

Ed’s Easy Diner
The Oracle, RG1 2AQ

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