National Picnic Week with Udi's Gluten-Free range!

It’s National Picnic Week and I think that everyone should have a picnic! When I say everyone I mean everyone! Even those with different food intolerances. My husband cannot have any form of citrus and it can be difficult; you’d be surprised by how many things use lemon or lime juice as a preservative.

It's also that time of year when people are starting to line up their favourite festival's! Throw some of these ideas below into a bag and you're all set to enjoy your day out! 

So, when Udi asked me if I’d like to receive a box full of some of their new Gluten-Free products I said yes! I am always happy to spread the word of good products that are suitable for those who are looking for food alternatives! I know their pain. 

They sent me: (pictured: left to right)
Soft & Delicious Blueberry and Chocolate Muffins
Flaky & Delicious Pastry Mix 
Soft & Tasty Sundried Tomato Bagels 
Soft & Delicious Multiseed Bread
Crispy & Delicious Bagel Chips

Everything you need to make a picnic great! As an American I would tend to eat the muffins for breakfast, but since I’ve lived in England muffins are more of a treat. Therefore you just throw them in your picnic basket and wah-la instant picnic treat! ….Actually you may want to place them gently on the top somewhere so they don’t get squished. 

The pastry mix I honestly haven’t had an opportunity to try yet. I do intend to make something, most likely sweet and picnic friendly. I am very curious to see how it turns out and will update this post when I do make something! 

I used the sundried tomato bagels in place of bread; it is a great way to add flavor to the same old same old lunch! Just toast the bagel before adding on your favourite condiment, cold meats, and cheese! Yum! These possible don’t suit picnics very well, because they are best after being toasted. However, if like us you have a picnic in your backyard/garden then it works. I am going to apologise for not having a photo of this! I was a bad food blogger and just ate them, but I have no regrets they were good! 

Sandwiches are the ultimate picnic food. You need to have bread to have sandwiches and sandwiches to have picnics. A picnic without a sandwich is like rain on your wedding day, not ironic, but unfortunate. I like a good bit of Multiseeded Bread especially filled with pickle and cheese. There seems to be some debate on if pickles are gluten-free and some are and some aren’t so please check before eating! 

The Bagel Chips are indeed crispy and delicious! I loved snacking on these and dipping and topping them with various things like cream cheese (not all brands are gluten-free), hummus (try Udi’s recipe), and pate! My little people and I devoured a whole box and tub of hummus for lunch one sunny afternoon. Super easy to add to any great picnic! 

Be sure to check out the official Udi’s website for more information on their products! They also have a great section of recipes including one for a gluten-free hummus! 

notes: In association with Udi’s, please see my contact/policy page above for more information. Please check with any branded or store bought ingredient to be sure it’s gluten-free. All brands are not created equal. 

This isn’t my first post for Udi’s check out my other posts: 

Update February 2017 - Udi's are no longer available in the UK, but can still be found in the USA! 

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