Dear Blog, (4)

I completely forgot our anniversary - your birthday. It was on June 11th, we have been doing this thing for four years now. It’s funny to look back at the beginning to see how far we’ve come together. But for this post we’ll be looking at the last year. 

And man what a year it’s been; big things have happened. First I went home for the summer, it was a much needed trip and one that will mean a lot more then any other trip. It was a much needed break and I am forever grateful for having spent those five weeks with my parents and sisters. Then earlier this year (2015) I took an unexpected trip home again. My mom was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer at the end of January. She unfortunately did not survive her diagnoses. I don’t actually know what else to say. I am still processing it and going through the stages. I normally wouldn’t have flown home twice in the span of a year, but I am so glad I did. Never hesitate when it comes to these sorts of things.

Other things that are little compared to that are that my Baby Baker started full-time school. It also meant I went in search of a job and some how ended up with two! Two that still only equal part time hours as I am still a mom! It’s tiring though…either that or I’m getting old! 

But as always here are my baker’s dozen of links and things that stood out last year…in my opinion anyway! 

  1. Last summer the World Cup was in full swing and for one Clandestine Cake Club the theme was said World Cup. I didn’t end up making that one as I didn’t have a babysitter and my husband was stuck in traffic on his way home. However I still made an awesome cake
  2. Then there was the Coconut Lover's Coconut Cake. I don’t know that I have ever tasted a cake as good as that one … well a coconut cake anyway. If you or someone you know loves coconut then I would definitely get this made for you or them. 
  3. I started writing Five on Fridays as a way to bring different things that weren’t always baking to my blog. It started out strong, but now it’s a bit random when one gets posted. 
  4. From Food Blogger Connect 2014 I met a milk alternative brand called Oatly and they sent me home with a bunch of their product and I made these cupcakes and these donuts with said products. If you know anyone who has a milk intolerance check these babies out. 
  5. Change up your tea time with these Apple Pie Scones
  6. Remember that time I made Sticky Toffee Pudding... for the first time and it was good. 
  7. We started off the new year with an Oreo Poke Cake, it’s always good to start something right. I had brought some Jello Pudding back to the UK with me from my summer trip home. 
  8. Lucky Charms bark is all you need to feel lucky. 
  9. Jen from Jen’s Food and I started up a monthly pastry challenge! PS. This month is breakfast pastries if you want to link up here
  10. Once again this year I was a World Book Night giver and I wrote all about it here
  11. Eurovision has been on for ages, but the only time I heard about it was from Father Ted. So, for a blogging challenge I made this delicious no bake treat
  12. I also took part in a Bookies to Foodies week with my friend Missie who writes over on A Flurry of Ponderings. Which was fun to see some good food inspired by books! 
  13. I think this Ginormous Jaffa Cake is worthy of a look was it good! 
Last year was great let’s make it another great year. There are a few things I am looking forward too and some I am hoping to accomplish. I can’t wait to attend Food Blogger Connect again this September. Also I think another bakery tour of London is long over due! I am hoping to bake more with friends and looking to extend the hashtag storybookbakes. I love reading and I think it will be a great way to combine my love for said reading and baking! There is an idea I have had for quite some time now and I hope to finally make it a reality this year! We will see! 

So, blog it’s been a crazy year, but we have gotten through it … perhaps not unscathed but mostly okay. I will try not to forget next year! 

with all my love, Lisa 


  1. Oh gosh, what a year you've had - I'm so sorry for your loss. Not that it's any consolation but I've been there and I do understand what you're going through. These things cannot be rushed.
    "Not unscathed but mostly ok" sounds a reasonable place - and I hope you use it as a platform for better times ahead.

    1. Thank you, time heals all wounds apparently. I am glad to see you are back blogging again!

  2. I'm really sorry for your loss earlier this year and agree - you will never regret spending time with loved ones. Never.

    Happy (belated) blog birthday Lisa! I'm always so inspired by your baking, and the links you that shared just show how many different things you share on your blog (thank you!). I'm always looking forward to seeing what you bake up and wish that I had the time (and energy!) to take up the challenges that you do!

    1. Thanks Steph! I do enjoy your blog too and I always look forward to the cookie advent calendar in December!


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