All I Want for Christmas

I’m going to be honest and say that this time of year isn’t my favorite. It takes a lot for me to get myself in the thing we call “the Christmas Spirit.”

It’s probably a combination of a couple of things. One being that I’m far away from my family and our non-traditions and possibly because as soon as Christmas stuff comes out I feel nothing but stress and anxiety.

It’s the pressure that this one day is suppose to be magical and that’s a lot to ask from one day. It is hard to ignore and avoid all the media telling me how and what my “magical day” should be like.

I don't like being told what should be important to me this time of year or any time really! I just have to remind myself that no matter what I do it’s my best and that the girls will enjoy it no matter what I do and don’t do. Because they will not know any difference.

So, I thought I’d share the things that make the holiday season special (warning it’s mostly about food) and it’s all I really want.

All I Want for Christmas...

is for dinner to be stress free! I usually put something in the slow cooker. We are completely non-traditional when it comes to Christmas Dinner.

Don't forget the snacks! Crackers and cheese please! Don’t forget the chutney - store bought, maybe one day I will be prepared and make my own.

Coffee - especially as I have little people who will be up early when all I’d rather do is sleep.
A full breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped even on Christmas morning.

“The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing Loud for all to hear!” - Elf One of the best Christmas movies ever is viewed every Christmas Eve.

Speaking of singing…. the NSync Christmas Album is my favorite Christmas Album - go ahead judge away, I don’t care. I actually remember buying it in Thief River with my sister and making her to promise not to tell anyone - oh how far I’ve come! What is your favorite Christmas album? Leave a comment below! Who knows I might have to change my mind! 

Christmas Eve Curry became a thing when I moved here due to my father-in-laws work schedule. We’ve been slacking on this tradition the last couple years as things have changed, but I always believe a good tradition is an adaptable one. 

Candy Canes - I love a good candy cane and I’ve tried a few. Best ones to get in the UK, that I know of, is from B&M. If you know where to get a good peppermint candy cane please tell me by leaving a comment below!

Buck’s Fizz - Never was a big drinker, but I love a glass of Buck’s in the afternoon with lunch/dinner. I use Prosecco of course as I could never justify champagne for myself. 

Christmas Tree Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups these I have to source from family or friends in the states or on one of the many websites that sells American candy. They are just Christmas to me. 

No one else likes sprouts which is okay by me because I do! So, I usually get some for the holidays as a treat for myself! If you too like sprouts and have a great way to cook them please leave me a comment below! I am always looking for new ways to cook them up!

Now that I have children the best part of Christmas is watching them get excited for the holidays. I love going to their Christmas productions, writing out cards with them, making cookies, and watching Christmas movies.

Happy Holidays!! 

With my girls officially off from school and the extra hours I am picking up at work until the big day this will be my last post until the new year!
Hopefully you aren't like me and stress too much about this time of year and hopefully you have an amazing couple of weeks! 
We will see you in the New Year! 

notes: all images excluding the Elf Movie Poster image and the Brussel sprouts (linked from a free photo site) are mine.

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